Barbara M. Oke , PAg

Public Phone (Work): (250) 565-6401


Public B.Sc.
Environmental Science
University of Northern British Columbia
January 6, 2014
Public Lead - Health and Resource Development, Northern Health
Northern Health - Public Health
May 5, 2009
Public Lead- Healthy Community Environments
Northern Health- Public Health Protection


Barb Oke is the Regional Manager for Health and Resource Development at Northern Health where she manages the "Office of Health and Resource Development". The work focuses on areas where natural resource development projects like mining, liquid natural gas, oil intersect with health. This includes assessing and mitigating impacts associated with accidents and malfunctions, biophysical exposures, community health impacts and pressures on the health service system, with the intent to minimize negative impacts so that communities can take advantage of the positives that can accompany resource development projects. This position also manages the regional air quality portfolio in Northern Health