Karen Ann Kubiski , P.Ag.


Ms. Kubiski is a vegetation ecologist who specializes in ethnobotany. She holds a Master of Science degree with the University of Alberta which focused on the cumulative effects of human disturbance at the regional scale. She has almost twenty years of experience in vegetation ecology, ten years in ethnobotany, three years in environmental planning, and she is registered as a professional practicing ecologist with the British Columbia Institute of Agrologists. Ms. Kubiski sat on Alberta’s Land Use Framework and Integrated Land Management working groups and she is now on the Land Use Secretariat's approved list to review Alberta’s Regional Land Use Plans. She has three approved years (of five) with the Canadian Institute of Planners, and she has an excellent working understanding of native plant species, plant communities and wetlands in northern Alberta, British Columbia, the Yukon and in the tundra of the Northwest Territories. She has worked for government, environmental consulting corporations, environmental non-government organizations (NGO), and Aboriginal groups (First Nations and Metis). Her areas of expertise are the impact assessment, monitoring and restoration of native plant communities (including wetlands), landscape ecology, and ethnobotany.