Dr Thomas R. Elliot PhD P.Geo , PAg

Public Email (Personal): tom@elliot.org


Public Work (primary)
TRE Environments / Cliffs Road Carbon Farm
2966 Cliffs Road
Duncan BC V9L 1K9 Canada


January 31, 2022
Public Agrologist, Hydrogeologist & Geoscientist (current)
May 1, 2021
Public Agrologist
Soil Science, Climate Change, Geoscience
October 27, 2020
Public President - Victoria & Islands Branch
BC Institute of Agrologists
January 28, 2022
Public Chair - Sustainability Advisory Group
Engineers and Geoscientists of BC


I am a registered Professional Agrologist and Geoscientist in British Columbia practicing carbon mitigation land use practices, hydrology, hydrogeology, terrain assessment, land capability for agriculture, organic resource management, pedology & soil science, strategic natural resource, ecologic and integrated land use planning, as well as degraded landscape and contaminant remediation.

Through professional practice, academic, and industry-partner work experiences I have gained extensive background in water resource management, natural resource development, infrastructure and human health risk analysis based on subsurface characterization, as well as hydrocarbon and geothermal energy industries.

I have contributed to, and lead, large capital subsurface hydrology projects, which included international industry partnership and deployment to operational hydrocarbon reservoirs.

I am a published author with over 35 scientific publications in the fields of earth and material science, image processing for resolution of spatially correlated datasets, reservoir modeling, land use geospatial analysis and risk assessment.

As a personal initiative, I have volunteered and contributed to advancement of K12 Science programs, development of active transportation networks, and cycling safety initiatives in my local municipalities.