Christina Marilyn Delaney , PAg

Public Phone (Work): 2502722348


February 1, 2017
Public Environmental Scientist (current)
Columbia Headwaters Consulting
November 1, 2016 to January 31, 2017
Public Hydrometeorologist


Christina Delaney is and environmental scientist with a diverse academic background. She possesses a B.Sc. in Environmental Science, with a major in Earth and Atmospheric Science from the University of Guelph; and a M.Sc. in Mountain Forestry, focussing on international development cooperation and mitigation of avalanche hazard and risk.

A Professional Agrologist, with over 10 years of experience in project management, soil, air and water sampling, spanning three continents and a wide range of environmental projects, including environmental site investigations, emergency response and remediation of environmental spills, environmental monitoring for the construction and oil and gas industries, riparian area assessments, watershed assessments, surface water use licencing for the oil and gas industry, forest hydrology and climate change research for drinking water protection forests, soil physics, drought stress in trees, dendro-chronology, ecosystem restoration, wildfire, wildlife monitoring and habitat enhancement, fish salvage by electro-fishing, snow and avalanches, GIS and environmental modelling.