Sheila Street , PAg


Sheila Street has credential as a P.Ag, Hazmat Technician and an environmental educator with an Instructor's Diploma. Sheila has been working in the environmental field since 1993. She comes with multi-industry environmental experience including mining, military, gas and hydro-electric utilities with a wide range in scope including assessment and remediation projects, hazardous materials handling, management of terrestrial, aquatic and listed species, water quality, emergency response, environmental management systems and program development. Sheila has worked closely with First Nation and Inuit communities and organisations across the country and is presently employed as an Indigenous Relations Adviser with the BC Ministry of Environment.

Sheila is an effective problem solver with expertise in emergency management, incident response, planning, compliance and competency training programs. She is known as a thoughtful and practical decision maker with high functioning knowledge of environmental trends and legislation in multiple jurisdictions. She's an adaptable, boots-on-the-ground, service-oriented leader.