71st Conference & Annual General Meeting

May 30 - June 1, 2018 at Pomerory Hotel in Fort St. John

Working Together

A Cooperation between Agrology and Industry

BC features a diverse range of industries, many of which are highlighted in northeast BC where agriculture plays a major role.  The interaction between forestry, mining, oil and gas, green energies and agriculture can be seen everywhere in the Peace Region. You only need to look and you will see pumpjacks in canola fields, dams on the rivers and wind turbines on the hilltops.  Roads, powerlines and pipelines criss-cross the landscape in a cooperative effort throughout the province to tie all these industries with the rural population and ultimately to the major cities down south. The complex nature of this relationship is one navigated by professional agrologists in both the private and public sectors.  Sometimes challenging, always rewarding, the Peace Region is a beautiful place to experience much of what makes BC the province it is.  

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