Aboriginal Consultation and Negotiating a Consultation Agreement Workshop, March 7 (Day 1) and March 9 (Day 2)  

Aboriginal Consultation and Negotiating a Consultation Agreement

Is your organization having challenges making inroads with Aboriginal people and Aboriginal Organizations. Are you an Aboriginal group who wants to better engage with Industry?

If you want to better consult with Aboriginal People/Industry or you are in a position that requires that you engage Aboriginal People/Industry (I.E. Stakeholder Relations, Consultation Department, Community Relations, Chief and Council, Surface Land, Aboriginal Relations) and have asked questions, then this two-day workshop is for you.

This two-day workshop is designed to provide practical solutions:

1) Solutions that are based on the combined expertise of a First Nation law graduate who has worked for both Industry and Aboriginal groups for over 25 years and

2) First Nation Consultant who has been in business since 1996 and has worked specifically in the area of Aboriginal Consultation since 2010.

Two-day workshop – March 7 (Day 1) and March 9 (Day 2). 

More Information About Aboriginal Consultation/Negotiating a Consultation Agreement: Negotiation/Consultation



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