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Agrology CE – Informal

Presented by the Agricultural Climate Adaptation Research Network

Water availability and regulation are front of mind for many agricultural producers. As climate change brings an era of drought, production challenges are acute while policy and regulation lag, creating unique challenges for farmers and ranchers. 

Join this virtual workshop to discuss how water policy and regulations affect BC producers and options for improving water management policy. Guest speakers will share regional research findings, the updated mandate of the Ministry of Water, Land, and Resource Stewardship, and a case study of farmer-led groundwater management policy in Nevada. 

 Guest speakers include: 

  • Dr. Joanne Taylor, UBC Okanagan, is presenting the final results from interviews with water managers, policymakers, and agricultural organization representatives that give an on-the-ground view of the challenges agricultural producers face as water regulations are being implemented in the Cariboo and Okanagan.
  • James Mack, Assistant Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Water, Land, and Resource Stewardship, is discussing how agricultural water management fits into the Ministry's mandate, the Water Sustainability Act, and how agricultural producers are being considered under the stewardship mandate.
  • Jake Tibbitts, Natural Resource Manager for Eureka County, Nevada, shares lessons on groundwater conservation policy from agriculture in the Great Basin Desert, where the Diamond Valley Groundwater Management Plan is offering a groundbreaking approach to a policy conceived by and for agricultural irrigators and represents an alternative approach to FITFIR to conserve regional groundwater and continue agricultural production.

The workshop will be hosted virtually on zoom and include small group discussions to offer participants a chance to share their experiences and ideas for improved water policy that works for agricultural producers. Register here


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