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Discover the key to successful nitrogen management in agriculture and reclamation with Ruth McDougall, M.Sc, P.Ag. Join us for a three-part webinar series exploring the critical role of nitrogen in plant growth, N cycling on reclamation sites versus agriculture sites, and environmental considerations. In this series, Ruth will delve into the various forms and transformations of nitrogen in soil and manure, the benefits and drawbacks of chemical versus organic fertilizers, and regulatory requirements in BC. You'll learn how to calculate nitrogen application rates for effective nutrient management planning, determine crop N requirements, and optimize N application rates. Plus, gain valuable insights into soil and manure sampling and analysis, as well as managing nitrogen from compost and residuals.

Part 1.   Introduction to nitrogen management for agriculture and reclamation
- Why is nitrogen important for plant growth? How much nitrogen do crops need and when do they need it? How do they take up N? N cycling on reclamation sites vs. agriculture sites
- What are the environmental issues with nitrogen and how to maximize crop uptake and minimize losses – rate, timing, placement, application technology, climatic influences
- Forms and transformations of nitrogen in soil and manure
- Forms of nitrogen in chemical vs organic fertilizers
- BC regulatory requirements and tools for nitrogen management

Part 2.   The nitrogen balance approach for calculating nitrogen application rates in agriculture and reclamation (for nutrient management planning)
- Interpreting soil and manure lab test results, mg/kg vs. kg/ha
- Determining crop N requirements
- Determining plant available N in soil and nutrient source – soil residual N, estimating N release from soil organic matter, estimating available N in manure,
- Calculating N application rate

Part 3.   Advanced nitrogen management
- Suggested topics include: soil and manure sampling and analysis, understanding laboratory data, managing nitrogen from compost and residuals (biosolids, pulp sludge, wood ash, municipal wastewater and other effluents),
- Depending on interest, session can be tailored to other nitrogen-related topics of interest.

About: Ruth McDougall, M.Sc, PAg, is an acknowledged expert in BC in the on-farm management of nitrogen and phosphorus from agricultural waste, fertilizing residuals, and soil fertility. She prepares Nutrient Management Plans for a wide range of types of agricultural operations on an ongoing basis. She has written several guidelines documents for using nitrogen and other nutrients on farms in BC. She is certified by the BC Ministry of Agriculture as a nutrient management planner in BC.
She is also an expert in the characterization of fertilizing residuals, including municipal biosolids, and their beneficial reuse in fabricated soil, on agricultural land, in mine and aggregate extraction site reclamation, landfill closure, and compost. She has extensive experience managing and land application of municipal biosolids, municipal wastewater treatment plant effluent, livestock waste, and other residuals. She has extensive knowledge of the BC environmental regulations for the beneficial reuse and composting of these wastes. She has 25 years of experience with residential recycling in BC.

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