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Rotational grazing stands at the intersection of various disciplines, presenting a complex and multifaceted landscape involving vegetation dynamics, soils, weather patterns, livestock behavior, fencing methodologies, farm/ranch logistics, economic considerations, and owner attitudes. In this enlightening webinar, esteemed range manager and grassland ecologist, Don Gayton, M.Sc, PAg, will dissect these intricate components to deepen our understanding of the rotational grazing paradigm.


Introduction to Rotational Grazing
a. Definition and Principles
b. Historical Evolution and Importance

Vegetation Dynamics in Rotational Grazing
a. Impact on Plant Species Composition
b. Vegetative Growth Patterns
c. Biodiversity Enhancement

Soil Health and Rotational Grazing
a. Soil Structure and Composition
b. Nutrient Cycling and Fertility
c. Erosion Control

Weather Influences and Adaptations
a. Seasonal Considerations
b. Extreme Weather Resilience
c. Climate Change Implications

Livestock Behavior in Rotational Grazing Systems
a. Grazing Patterns
b. Herd Dynamics
c. Animal Welfare Considerations

Fencing Strategies and Innovations
a. Importance of Effective Fencing
b. Technological Advances in Fencing
c. Virtual Fencing: A Glimpse into the Future

Farm/Ranch Logistics and Operational Challenges
a. Infrastructure Planning
b. Water Management
c. Grazing Rotation Scheduling

Economic Considerations and Benefits
a. Cost-Benefit Analysis
b. Productivity and Profitability
c. Long-Term Financial Viability

Owner Attitudes and Adoption Challenges
a. Mindset Shifts
b. Overcoming Resistance
c. Success Stories

Rotational Grazing Trials and Results
a. Case Studies
b. Lessons Learned
c. Best Practices

Emerging Technology: Virtual Fencing
a. Definition and Functionality
b. Prospects and Limitations
c. Integration into Modern Grazing Systems

Q&A Session
a. Audience Questions
b. Expert Insights and Responses

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