IAF is excited to share that the Farm Animal Disease Program (FAD) is open for applications! FAD provides funding to the BC livestock and poultry industry to invest in planning, preparedness, prevention, and mitigation for federal or provincial regulated diseases or significant emerging farmed animal diseases.

The program provides up to $250,000 for planning projects,and up to $500,000 for preparedness and prevention and mitigation projects.

Who can apply?
To be considered eligible for this program, an applicant must be located in the Province of British Columbia, and must be:
•   BC livestock and poultry industry association or similar type organization. Industry associations can apply on behalf of groups of individual producers
•   Legal entities from BC livestock or poultry sectors that are not represented by an industry association, when applying on behalf of groups of individual producers.
Applications will be reviewed in batches and funded based on priorities provided by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. The first application review date will be on May 23, 2023.

For more information go to https://iafbc.ca/fad/

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