Okanagan-District 2
Start Location: Orchard Park Shopping Centre Parking Lot
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Agrology CE – Informal


Okanagan Branch Field Tour

Start Location: Orchard Park Shopping Centre Parking Lot

Date: February 11, 2023

Time: 8:30 AM -2:30 PM

Fee: no charge

Pre-Registration is required before February 3, 2023, capacity limited to 14 participants.

The BCIA Okanagan Branch invites Registrants to a guided tour of the OgoGrow Compost Facility, Glenmore Landfill Methane Capture Facility, and Jealous Fruits.

Transportation and lunch for this event will be provided. The bus will be leaving at 8:30 AM SHARP from the North-East end of the Orchard Park Shopping Centre parking Lot (by Milestones) in Kelowna. Please arrive 15 minutes early. All participants are required to have the following PPE:

(Steel-toed boots, Cotton or fire-resistant Hi-Vis vest, Safety glasses, and a hard hat).


Glenmore Landfill Methane Capture Facility:

FortisBC has been working with the Kelowna Landfill to create carbon-neutral energy through methane capture. Renewable natural gas has been created through the methane capture facility at the Glenmore landfill for almost ten years. This gas is being used to fuel ~700 homes in Kelowna, and they have plans to expand.

Tour Duration: 1.5hours



Ogogrow is a compost made using an aerobic (with oxygen) treatment process called the Extended Aerated Static Pile Composting Method. Produced by combining biosolids and hog fuel: a byproduct of the local lumber mills.

Tour Duration: 1 hour


Jealous Fruits:

A cherry orchard with a state-of-the-art sorting and packaging facility on site. The farm is tied into an efficient transportation network, enabling astonishingly fresh cherries to reach domestic and international markets in record time.

Tour Duration: 0.5 hour

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