Victoria and Islands-District 3
8350 Richards Trail, Duncan, BC V9L 6B2
Event PD type
Agrology CE – Informal

Join Tea Maker Victor Vesely and the Westholme Team on a personalized, guided tour of the Westholme Tea garden where they grow Camellia sinensis for their rare Canadian terroir tea. This PD event is a chance to learn more about the evolution of Westholme Tea Company, the 5000 year history of tea worldwide, tea farming, the terroir of the Cowichan Valley, and consider where your tea journey might take you next!

Living in Japan and traveling through China gave Victor an early taste of tea culture and, when he and Margit purchased their farm in Westholme Valley in 2003, the foundation for Westholme Tea Makers was laid. Now, he honours centuries of tea-making traditions, cultivating our single-origin rare Canadian teas.

Victor endeavours to connect people to Nature through the cup and the tea in it. Creating your most authentic tea experience is rooted in a belief of no compromise on quality, inspired moments shared with others and the intimacy of having fun with it all.

As resident story teller and self-taught tea maker, Victor weaves a new perspective on innovation and Canadian tea culture while always making it feel like home.

Please note that photographs and footage will be taken throughout the tour. These will be used by BCIA for marketing and publicity in our publications, on our website, newsletters, and on social media. Should you not wish to have your photo taken and used for these purposes, please advise the photographer at the time.

Registration is restricted to branch registrants only.

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