What are your areas of practice? What is your expertise?
  • Contaminated land assessment, remediation, and decommissioning
  • Soil and land conservation, reclamation planning, and management
  • Regulatory support and consultation
Why did you choose the career you are currently in?

I have always been passionate about protecting our natural resources and the environment in general. Being an environmental consultant allows me the opportunity to use my knowledge and skills to make a difference by ensuring that environmental and human health protection obligations are met when it comes to development, resource extraction, and other activities that require the disturbance of natural ecosystems.

Why did you become a Registrant of BCIA?

I wanted to increase my credibility as a professional; agrology seemed like a good fit since it encompasses many of the areas that I practice and am interested in.

What do you do in a typical work day or week?

When in the office, I read, write, and review reports, conduct research, analyze and interpret data, and liaise with clients and regulators. When in the field, I conduct surveys, collect samples, and monitor construction and remediation projects.

Share some interesting "perks" and experiences of your job.

I get to travel to all parts of the province and visit areas that I would normally not have the chance to see. Amazing landscapes, encounters with wildlife, and when doing remote fieldwork in the summer, I try to find a new lake to jump in to cool off after the work is done.

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