If at any time during the year a retired or on leave Registrant (including education, medical, parental) resumes gainful employment in agrology, the Request to Return to Practicing Status form must be completed.

The appropriate (pro-rated) registration fees will be required. Once the Returning to Practicing Status form has been received, an invoice will be generated and confirmation email will be sent.

Please ensure your Professional Development Report is updated and your Practice Area(s) have been declared for the reporting year, prior to submitting this form.  

Requests are processed within 1 - 7 days with a confirmation email and letter to follow.

Annual fees may be pro-rated according to the date of the return. Full fees to March 31, 3/4 fees up to June 30, 1/2 up to September 30, and 1/4 to December 31.
Professional Development Declaration
Please log into your BCIA profile to report your professional development hours. Ensure the required annual and three year reporting minimums will be met as required.
Employment Declaration
Registrants must provide current employment information, including employer and an employment /work contact.  Be sure all contact information is updated under your BCIA profile.
Note the date you would like to return to regulated status.
Payment Information

Please choose an option for your payment below. Once the request is signed off by the Registrar, the invoice is updated and payment can be made. An email processing receipt will be emailed to you, with the official receipt found in your BCIA profile. NO GST is applied.

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