UPDATE: We are pleased to announce that all Registrants with the April 30, 2023 deadline to complete Indigenous awareness training have now satisfied this requirement by the deadline. Registrants have had nearly 2 1/2 years to complete this requirement with BCIA offering monthly online courses with an in-person workshop offering in Kamloops, April 20th. This was a progressive step in requiring training by all Registrants so hats off to everyone. Note that there will continue to be unique deadlines based on someone currently being: on leave, in the Articling Program, or newly reinstated, or a new dual/transfer, Expedited or LLAg.  

Every BCIA Registrant must have completed their training or received an exemption for Indigenous awareness training by the absolute last date of April 30, 2023 (an extension has been allowed from Jan 15th). How to Declare: go to PD Reports and click on 'Contributions, Service and Declarations entry' then select under 'Type' --> Indigenous Training declaration (at the bottom) in the drop-down listing > save.

For those that have not declared the minimum of 6 PD hours of Indigenous awareness training in their PD Reports, this is deemed being non-compliant with BCIA’s registration requirements and thus are removed from the official register effective April 30, 2023. Consequently, subsequent to April 30th advice or services can no longer be offered in the reserved practice areas of the profession of agrology nor reference oneself as an agrologist.

You will need to seek alternative training referencing the endorsed course listing under Registrant Resources - Indigenous Awareness Training (log-in).

Programs to encourage reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples are mandatory under the Professional Governance Act.  

The foundational Indigenous Peoples cultural awareness course must be completed and declared in a professional development report by December 31, 2022, and declared in the PD Report by January 15, 2023 --> extended to April 30, 2023. Otherwise, BCIA will remove the Registrant from the Register, and they will be unable to practice agrology in British Columbia.

  • All Registrants must have completed foundational knowledge training on Indigenous cultural awareness by December 31, 2022. 
  • Articling Registrants and those accepted under the Expedited Admission Program and LLAg Program whose acceptance dates are January 1, 2021, and later, will complete the foundational Indigenous Peoples Awareness training as part of their associated programs.
  • For Registrants currently on leave it is expected that upon returning back to practicing status, the Indigenous training requirement must be completed and declared in the PD Report within 3 months of returning.
  • Dual/Transfer-In Registrants have one year to complete their training from the date of acceptance.

Registrants who currently work in a position specifically with Indigenous peoples or training, i.e., Agrologist in Indigenous Relations, may be granted exemptions. Contact the Deputy Registrar to verify if your work qualifies you for an exemption.

For more information, sign in as a Registrant and go to Registrant Resources - Indigenous Peoples Awareness Training.

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