The Profession of Agrology

What's an Agrologist?

Agrologists are leaders in environmental protection that provide business information and services based on their knowledge of resource economics.  Agrologists work across a spectrum of industries, including food production, agri-tech and ecosystem sustainability. Agrologists are in many vital roles, e.g. scientists, educators, inspectors, technicians, consultants, and managers. 

Agrologists are: 

  • regulated by legislation 
  • sworn to a code of ethics
  • mandated to protect the public interest 
  • committed to continuing professional development
  • in the practice of agrology

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What is Agrology?

 The “practice of agrology”, subject to subsection (2), means the provision of any of the following advice or services: 

1. (a) Advice or services that

i. Are based on agricultural or natural sciences or agricultural or resource economics, and

ii. Relate to

(A) Cultivation, production, improvement, processing, marketing or management of aquatic or terrestrial plants or animals,

(B) Classification, management, use, conservation, protection or enhancements of aquatic, terrestrial or atmospheric ecosystems that are affected by, sustain or have the potential to sustain the cultivation or production of aquatic or terrestrial plants or animals, or

(C) Restoration, reclamation or remediation of aquatic, terrestrial or atmospheric ecosystems;

     (b) Advice or services that are ancillary to those described in paragraph (a).

2. The practice of agrology does not include the provision of advice or services within the reserved practice of a registrant of another regulatory body.

Agrologists Regulation