Benefits – The Profession of Agrology


As a regulated registrant of the BC Institute of Agrologists you are recognized having met specified criteria and are thereby qualified to call yourself an Agrologist or Technologist in Agrology professional while engaging in the practice of agrology.Noting Site Characteristics - Jeff Hallworth, P.Ag. – Invasive Plant Specialist


As a regulated registrant with designation you conform to specific standards used to qualify individuals receiving a certification for practice in a specialty area.

A Standard of Excellence and Public Responsibility

As a regulated registrant with designation you maintain a standard of integrity, fairness and competence. Through your obligation of service, you keep abreast of advances in the science of your discipline and industry. In addition, the member's Code of Ethics will be the standard of your professional conduct.

Professional and Career Development

Belonging to the BCIA enhances your development as a professional and improves your knowledge and proficiency within the profession. Improvement of your professional communication and leadership skills is possible through topic updates at professional meetings and participating in educational courses and programs. You are better able to keep abreast of agri-food production, processing globalization, the environment and food safety issues.

Professional Interaction

As a regulated registrant with designation, you have the opportunity to interact with other professionals and disciplines. Regular communication takes place among your peers through business and personal contacts. Whether you are in the private or public sector, an employee or an entrepreneur, BCIA registrants represent all facets of agriculture, the environment, and food industry, i.e. career opportunities exist in primary production, agri-food business, all levels of government, education and research. Through professional and technical meetings, conferences, scientific publications, newsletters and tours, you are able to keep on top of the latest industry issues and advances. You become personally familiar with colleagues working on the leading edge of both technology and policy.

Improving the Industry

BCIA registrants contribute to decision making and policy formulation and dissemination through participation in issue analysis, presentation and discussion.

Registrant Services

In addition to the forgoing professional support services provided, BCIA continues to improve on opportunities and services offered to the registrants of BCIA.

Legal Status / Professional Seal Recognition

As a regulated registrant with designation, you are entitled to use the title Agrologist or Articling Agrologist, Registered Techologist in Agrology or Articling Technologist in Agrology and use a seal (only PAg and RTAg) while engaging in the practice of agrology.

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