New BCIA Website Features

BCIA Website Features Available for the Public

  • Guest BCIA accounts: Non-registrants can create a Guest BCIA Account. A Guest Account allows you to register for BCIA events open to non-registrants and to receive the BCIA monthly update.
  • Contract an Agrologist: Agrologists can now explain the kind of services they provide under their Practice area/Areas of practice.
  • Public Resource Library: This resource library makes it easier to find any BCIA documents available to the public.

Website Features Available for BCIA Registrants

As a Registrant, once you sign in to your account, you will have access to the following:

  • Registrant Resources Library: The Registrant Library includes information specific to BCIA Registrants, including links to the Orientation to BCIA and Professional Negligence webinars, How to training videos about the Registrant profile, Professional Seal Orders, Branch Resources, and much more. This resource library is searchable by topic or keyword.
  • "How to" Registrant Training Videos: These videos will take Registrants through the various sections of the Registrant profile. Located under Registrant Resources Library. A Step by step PDF for each section will also be available in the near future.
  • Registrant Profiles – New Employment Section: The Employment section under the Registrant Profile is a separate link and is fully editable. Under the regulations of the PGA, all Registrants must declare their employer or employment and at least one employment contact. These must be viewable to the public. With the transfer of information from the previous website to the new website, all Registrants are encouraged to review their employment information and make any corrections as required.
  • New Practice Areas Reporting Section – As of September 1, 2022, BCIA implemented new practice areas. Practice Areas now appear as a tab under the My Links of the Registrant profile. All Registrants will be required to declare one or more Practice Areas for 2022.
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