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The Cariboo Central Interior AGM will be held virtually on Wednesday, October 19, starting at 1:00 pm. 

The AGM will be held using the Zoom platform.  A Link and log in details will be sent to those that register, prior to the AGM.

CCI Branch Draft AGM Agenda  
CCI Branch 2021 AGM Minutes

CCI Branch 2022 Executive Reports

To allow this year’s virtual format to proceed as smoothly as possible, we need your help and ask you to pay attention to the following nomination and application deadlines.  Early nominations/registrations are encouraged to make things as easy as possible for the AGM planning team.  

Call for Nominations for Upcoming CCI Branch 2022 Elections

Positions up for election this year at the CCI Branch AGM include:

  • Articling Coordinator (current person willing to continue)
  • Director West (current person willing to continue)
  • Director South (current person willing to continue)
  • Incoming Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer 
  • PD coordinator 
  • Director Central

For descriptions of each position please see Branch Executive Committee Responsibilities document

Join the Branch Executive Committee for a great experience! Learn about the business of BCIA, develop professional development activities, add to your curriculum vitae and increase your professional network. A reminder that serving on the Branch Executive Committee has allocated professional development hours. 

Everyone interested (and in Good Standing) is encouraged to put their names forward. If you would like to nominate yourself (or someone else with their permission), please forward your nomination to Marc Schuffert at before October 8, 2022.  Nominations must include the position of interest, a photo and a short bio/statement. Note: Nominations will only be accepted from the floor for positions that did not receive nominations before the AGM.

The CCI Branch is canvassing in advance for any motions 
All Branch Registrants must be in good standing to make a motion.  Please contact Marc Schuffert at  if you would like to make a motion before the AGM. Motions will not be accepted from the floor. 

New Growth Agrologist of the Year Award

This award is intended to promote good spirit, enthusiasm and camaraderie within the CCI Branch.  The winner of this award will be a new PAg or TAg (5 years or less) or an articling Registrant displaying the following:

  • Energy and resourcefulness in work ethics

  • A clear understanding of Agrology

  • The ability to learn from the old-timers and;

  • The ability to school the old timers

Innovative Agrologist Award

The recipient will have demonstrated through their work:

  • Application of existing techniques or methods in new ways or to new situations;

  • Development of new techniques or procedures;

  • Innovative research (noteworthy new approach to researching a problem);

  • Creative or new ways to achieve engagement/cooperation in addressing a problem or

  • Development or achievement of a sustainable (“green”) solution where such an option has not previously been employed or has faced barriers to implementation.

If you know of a peer, co-worker or mentee/mentor that meets these requirements, we encourage you to nominate them for these awards and be recognized for their contribution to the profession. To nominate someone, please forward their name, photo and a short bio to Nicole Pressey at by October 13, 2022.   

Note:  Nominations will not be accepted from the floor.


Articling Registrants Needing To Do Their Oral Presentation and Newly Elevated Registrants  

All articling Registrants that need to complete their oral presentation at this year’s AGM, please forward your name, pic and short bio to Michelle Miller at by October 8, 2022. Please note: All those wishing to complete their oral presentation must pre-register with Michelle (and sign up when registering online).  

All newly elevated Registrants (new PAgs and TAgs) will be recognized for their achievements.  Those required to recite their Professional Oath, please provide your name and pic to  Michelle Miller at by October 8, 2022. Please note: Those required to recite their oath must pre-register with Michelle (and sign up when registering online). **If you have already recited your Professional Oath at a previous meeting, this is not required again at this Branch AGM.


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