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Agrology CE – Informal

Genomic tools for improving crop resilience and pest detection

Presenter: Dr. Letitia Da Ros, Research Scientist – Tree Fruit Genomics

Climate change presents a range of challenges, with rapidly fluctuating weather and pest pressures influencing ecosystem survival. In agriculture, this translates to major impacts on production, sustainability, and food security. To withstand these environmental changes, crop species need to be more adaptable than ever. This presentation will discuss key plant traits that contribute to crop climate resiliency and how we can use genomic tools to accelerate the development of these traits in horticultural crops

Speaker Bio: Letitia is a plant systems biologist who specializes in the use of genomics and multi-omics to investigate the mechanisms behind plant adaptations to their environment. Her goal is to help accelerate the use of genomic tools in agriculture for greater crop resiliency in the face of increasingly irregular weather conditions throughout the growing season.

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