The BC Climate Agri-Solutions Fund (BCCAF) provides cost-shared funding to eligible producers and supports the training of certified crop advisors and agrologists as well as information sharing throughout the agricultural community. The objective of BCCAF is to support farmers in adopting beneficial management practices (BMPs) that store carbon and reduce greenhouse gases, specifically in the areas of:

  1. Nitrogen Management
  2. Cover Cropping
  3. Rotational Grazing

These practices also provide other environmental benefits such as improved biodiversity and soil health. Other activities to support the adoption of beneficial management practices, such as outreach, education and training are also supported.

The next application intake will be:

January 16 to February 16, 2023

Approved projects will have four months from their project start date to incur the costs of their activities and submit a final report with cost documentation (receipts/invoices). Recipients will then receive partial reimbursement for accepted expenses. Actual implementation of project activities may occur up to one calendar year from their project start date. No extensions will be considered; if projects cannot be completed within the timeframe applicants are encouraged to apply in the next intake window.

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