How do I Pay My Renewal Fee(s)?

From November to April, registrants are able pay their renewal fee(s) online.  However, the Area(s) of Practice and Professional Development hours under PD Reports must be completed.  BOTH must be completed to in order to pay online.

To do so:

Login as a Registrant and Select PD Reports on the BLUE Banner.


Select PD Reports and enter your Area of Practice (up to 3)  plus at least ONE PD entry.   YOU MUST ENTER BOTH before you can pay your fee(s)under 'Dues Invoices/Receipts'.

Go to How to Report PD for more information.

Once you have completed your PD Report, go to Dues Invoices/Receipts on the Blue Banner.

Select your Unpaid Dues Invoice (Do not select Print yet.)  Scroll down to the bottom of the Invoice. The 'PAY NOW' button will appear as a blue box.  If you do not see the blue PAY NOW button, then follow the visible link to complete your PD Report AND Area(s )of Practice. 

Once you select the PAY NOW button, you may pay your invoice online by Visa or Mastercard, contact the BCIA office by phone to pay, or print off your invoice and mail with your payment.  Once paid, you will receive an email processing receipt with the official BCIA receipt found in the BCIA profile.