How do I Report my PD?

When reporting professional development hours, Registrants should be sure to document:

  • topic or title or article
  • type of activity  (ie. webinar, tour, seminar)
  • date of activity
  • length of activity
  • area of practice / relevancy to profession

Review the Professional Development Reporting Guidelines on the values for PD hours.  

You can download the Guidelines as a PDF. 

PD Reporting User Guide

Your Professional Development is reported online.  Go to your BCIA profile.  















Select PD Reports from the BLUE Banner, then 'Make New PD Entry' or 'Enter Area of Practice' (green text on bottom).   

It is IMPORTANT that you select the correct year each time when making your PD entries.  The date will default to the current year. You may view previous year's entries by selecting the appropriate year , then FILTER.  (Note: If you have not entered anything for the year appearing, no entries will appear.)

You may "mouse over" VIEW to see a portion of the text that has been entered under most PD categories.

You must enter your Area(s) of Practice and at least the required minimum of PD hours before you will be able to pay your renewal fee(s).  HINT: If you have attended numerous short seminars, simply list the titles, dates and length under one entry.


To view and PRINT your summary, just select the year and FILTER.  Then select the orange CSV button (Bottom).  You can download the CSV file and convert to Excel.