Editing Your BCIA Profile

The BCIA login on the BCIA website provides registrants with access to their personal profile, PD reporting, payment of renewal fee(s), event registration, BCIA emails and Registrant Resources, which are viewable to registrants only.   You are able to enter and select what personal information you would like to make visible to the public and to other BCIA registrants.

How do I edit my personal information?

Once logged in, go to Your Name (View Member Profile) on the BLUE Banner.  This shows your information.  You are able to edit and add your:

  •  Email(s)
  • Phone #(s)
  • Home and Work Address(es)
  • Employment  (Note: If your employer is not on the pull-down menu, please contact the BCIA office.)
  • Awards 
  • Bio and photo (Move your mouse over the image space to see the EDIT button) 

You may VIEW but cannot edit your:

  • Education (contact BCIA office and provide proof of graduation if required)
  • Status
  • Branch (contact BCIA office to change branch assignment)
  • Position (if you have been on Branch Executive or Council)
  • Mentors  

Making Your Information Visible to others or the Public 

You have the choice to make your contact information, education, employment and bio visible to the public or to only BCIA registratns by completing a two step process.  STEP ONE:  Mouse over and click the Edit  link beside any contact information you would like to change or to make visible > under the gray box 'Visibility*' to the right > select either Public, BCIA Only > SAVE. STEP TWO:  If not already done you must also set the visibililty under your Bio and photo (Move your mouse over the image space to see the EDIT button).

If you choose not to make information visible, only your name and status will be visible to the public on the 'Members List' AND will not be included in a query under 'Find an Agrologist' if an email address or phone # is not made viewable to the public.