P.Ags - Using Your Professional Stamp

Using Your Professional Stamp:

You are reminded that whether or not you include your P.Ag designation on a report or correspondence, you are still held accountable for your actions as a member of the British Columbia Institute of Agrologists (BCIA).  Therefore, not using your seal or professional designation is not a way to avoid accountability to the Institute or to the public.


Your seal is a valuable symbol.  Along with the designation P.Ag., it indicates your personal professional assurance that the stamped document contains information presented and assessed to the standard of a Professional Agrologist.  As a P.Ag., you will stand behind the results.  Here are some recommendations on how the seal should be used:

  • The seal can be applied to publications, monographs, reports, special letters, plans and drawings representing projects on which you have worked, or for which you are   directly responsible.
  • Normal and routine communications require only the designation  P.Ag. after your surname.
  • The seal and the designation indicate you stand behind the data and  recommendations made in the document.
  • The seal should be placed at the bottom of the document, or where a space is  provided.
  • Only you should affix the seal.
  • Please initial or sign, and date the imprint.
  • If a report is presented, please stamp the bound title page.

Many client groups will be developing their own procedures for imprinted documents.  The use of this seal, and the application of this guideline, are not intended to supersede or replace contractual arrangements already in place.  The seal remains the property of the British Columbia Institute of Agrologists (BCIA); and its safe custody, and its appropriate use is the responsibility of the seal holder.

BYLAWS 29-30

  • An agrologist shall be entitled to obtain a seal in a form authorized by the institute and to affix the seal to any document signed by the agrologist in his or her professional capacity.
  • A seal in a form authorized by the institute is and remains the property of the institute even if the seal was not obtained or paid for by the institute.

If you have any further questions, please contact BCIA at (250) 380-9292 or by email at p.ag@bcia.com