BCIA Brochures and Materials

The following pamphlets and brochures provide an overview of BCIA and its programs.  These are provided in PDF format for printing and downloading purposes.

Link to BCIA Video "Why Choose Agrology" on YouTube

BCIA General Information Brochure

        This brochure touches on different aspects of BCIA: 

  • the agrologists act
  • the definition of agrology
  • the purpose of BCIA
  • the practice of agrology
  • the ethics of agrology

Download PDF of BCIA Information Brochure

Download PDF of BCIA What is Agrology? rackcard

BCIA Mentorship Brochure

        This brochure touches on the mentorship program - assisting and guiding Articling Agrologists during their articling period:

  • the importance of mentors
  • the purpose of a mentor
  • tips for mentors
  • establishing a mentoring relationship
  • becoming a mentor

Download the PDF of the Mentorship brochure