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Agrology CE – Informal

The BC Ministry of Forests is inviting you to a virtual three-hour workshop on the development of a Climate Adaptation Policy Framework. The Climate Adaptation Policy Framework will guide the Ministry of Forests’ work on adapting to climate change and establish a consistent approach to integrating climate change adaptation into strategic and operational decision-making. Prior to the workshop, registered participants will receive engagement materials for review. The workshops will build on previous climate-related engagements with interest holders and First Nations to: i. Learn about climate change impacts being witnessed in the forest/rangeland sector; ii. Discuss perspectives and priorities for climate change adaptation and resilience for BC’s forests and rangelands; iii. Invite feedback on strengths and gaps in the proposed policy directions; and iv. Explore ideas and opportunities for moving toward a more climate-resilient future state for BC’s forests and rangelands.

Register here by May 13, 2024, to attend.

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