Victoria and Islands-District 3
Bird’s Eye Co Farm, 881 Genoa Bay Rd, Duncan BC
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Professional AGMS

The AGM and professional development are in-person!

2022 VIB AGM Agenda


  • AGM 9:30am to 12pm  Note: 9:30am to 10am is coffee and networking 
  • Lunch: 12pm to 1pm
  • Guest Speaker: 1pm to 1:45pm    
  • Farm Tour: 2pm to 3pm

The AGM starts at 10am and please ensure you are on time as we have the opening hosted by Elder Hwiemtun (Fred Roland) from the Cowichan Tribes

Cost: $25 covers the cost of lunch.  When signing up please confirm if you are present for lunch for catering numbers.

Lunch:  Hosted at the Farm and will be from 12pm to 1pm 

PD event 1- presentation: Land management and the impacts of climate change to support traditional food systems and food security by Jared Qwustenuxun Williams, Cowichan Tribes – 1pm to 1:45pm – no charge

PD event 2 – Farm tour of Bird’s Cove Farm - 2pm to 3:30pm – no charge

Nominations for Branch Executive

We are looking for nominations for Victoria and Islands Branch Executive positions. 

Positions up for election this year at the Branch AGM include:

  • Articling Program Coordinator, 1 year term - Current person is willing to continue
  • Director 1 - South, 1 year term – Current person is willing to continue
  • Director 2 - South, 1 year term – Current person is willing to continue
  • Director North, 1 year term - Current person is willing to continue
  • Director At Large, 1 year term – Current person is willing to continue
  • Professional Development Coordinator, 2 year term – 1 position available - Current person will finish her second year to help train person(s) elected to support this position.
  • President, 1 year term - open
  • Secretary, 1 year term - open
  • Treasurer, 2 year term - there is a willing volunteer but the spot is open to anyone else that may be interested
  • President elect, 1 year in this position and 1 as President - open

Being part of the Branch Executive is a great experience! You can learn about the business of the institute, help develop professional development activities that you are passionate about, add to your resume, and grow your professional network. Additionally, being part of the branch executive can be used for professional development hours. We encourage everyone that is interested in putting their names forward. If you would like to nominate yourself (or someone else with their permission), please forward your nomination to Natalie Tashe at prior to September 29, 2022.  Nominations should include the position of interest, a photo and a short bio/statement. Please note: Nominations will only be accepted from the floor for positions that did not receive nominations prior to the AGM.

For descriptions of each position, please see Branch Executive Committee Responsibilities document

Branch Award Nominations: Do you know an outstanding Agrologist?  Every year the Victoria & Islands Branch likes to recognize an Agrologist who has made a significant contribution to the Branch or to BC agriculture, natural resource or environmental science. We are looking for Branch Agrologist of the Year for 2022, to be announced at the AGM. Nominations close September 29, 2022. Please send your nominations to our VIB director Hanna:   

Motions: The Victoria and Islands branch is canvassing in advance for any motions from the Branch members.  All members must be in good standing to make a motion.  Please contact Natalie Tashe if you would like to make a motion prior to the AGM.

Articling Registrants Needing To Do Their Oral Presentation and Newly Elevated Registrants  

All articling Registrants that need to complete their oral presentation at this year’s AGM, please forward your name to Daniel Lamhonwah at by September 29, 2022.   Please note: All those wishing to complete their oral presentation must pre-register with Daniel (and sign up when registering online).  

All newly elevated Registrants (new PAgs and TAgs) will be recognized for their achievements.  Those required to recite their Professional Oath, please provide your name to Daniel Lamhonwah at by September 29, 2022. Please note: Those required to recite their oath must pre-register with Daniel (and sign up when registering online). **If you have already recited your Professional Oath at a previous meeting this is not required again at this Branch AGM.

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