As many of you know reserved practice (“Practice Rights”) will come into force for our profession on September 1st of this year, close to one week from today. A primary foundation of those rights are definitions of agrology practice areas which are clear, accountable, and enforceable. This has been done in a document entitled “Practice Areas - A Summary for BCIA Registrants and Applicants.”

In addition, BCIA is required to produce and publically distribute an information package entitled “The Profession of Agrology”. This package outlines the history, governance, registration pathways, interactions and alignments with other professions, and examples of reserved practice of agrology within the province written in a manner that is easily understood by non-registrants.

To produce these foundational documents Council authorized the engagement of several consultants, received information and feedback from numerous agrologists, and dedicated the majority of our CEO’s time over the past few months to this project. We are pleased to provide pdf copies below of both documents for your perusal.

View these two documents on Issuu:

The definitions outlined in the Practice Areas document will be the basis upon which BCIA Registrants will declare their 2022 Practice Areas competency by the PD Filing deadline of January 15, 2023. As soon as the new website is launched in September, all new applicants will use the new Practice Area selections. As the examples are different in each of the documents it would be of benefit for all Registrants to review both publications.

BCIA will host a series of 1 hour webinars during which our CEO will outline the two documents and be available for questions. These webinars will be open to members of the public in addition to our Registrants. Please attend one of these webinars if you are able.

  • Monday, August 29, 2022: 12-1 pm
  • Wednesday, August 31, 2022: 10-11 am
  • Monday, September 26, 2022: 12-1 pm
  • Wednesday, September 28, 2022: 10-11 am

A recording is now available for viewing:

On behalf of the BCIA Council, we express our appreciation for the tremendous amount of work that has resulted in finally achieving the recognition that our profession deserves.

Yours Truly,

Jessica Morgan

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