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2017 Articles & Resources

BC Conservation Data Centre - Spring 2017 Update:

As part of standard business, the BC Conservation Data Centre annually releases updates to document changes to Conservation Status Ranks of selected species and ecological communities, additions of new species and ecological communities in B.C., and changes in species taxonomy and ecological community classification.  Taxonomy, Classification and Rank Updates - click here to read  

Journal of Ecosystems and Management has published two new discussion  papers:

LiDAR as an Advanced Remote Sensing Technology to Augment Ecosystem Classification and Mapping by Lorraine Campbell, Nicolas C. Coops, Sari C.Saunders and "A Landscape Disturbance Matrix for Conserving Biodiversity" by Sonia Leverkus, Marten Geertsema, Samuel D. Fuhlendorf, R. Dwayne Elmore, David M. Engle, & Kristen A. Baum. To read the articles, please visit

2016 Articles and Resources

Certificate course in climate change offered by USDA: 

This free comprehensive course covers all relevant topics to ag professionals, and it has many guidance documents as well as a series of quizzes and discussion forums, seminars; offered through distance education.  Information is here

Invasive Species Article by Mark Hall, P.Ag.

Article on Invasive Species by Mark Hall, P.Ag. published in the BC Local News - Sept 2016

2015  Articles and Resources

Soil as a Precious Natural Resource - Brochure

The Brochure “Soil – A precious Natural Resource” has appeared in four languages (English, German, French and Italian) in the International Year of Soil 2015.  The publication was written by Gregor Klaus and is illustrated by the artist Nils Nova. Some spectacular photographs of the microcosm soil are also included. The focus lies on explaining the functions of soil and the services it provides. The goal is to raise awareness of the soil functions. 

Final Reports for Northern BC Study Agricultural Land Use Planning for Farmland Protection

Now available are the final reports for the northern BC study of agricultural land use planning for farmland protection. There is a technical report for each regional district, including the Smithers-Telkwa Rural Area case study.  As well, you might be interested in the overall assessment for northern BC.  This report brings the results of the five case studies together, which helps to see the similarities and differences across the regions.The purpose of the study was to assess the strength of local legislative frameworks in each study area, whereby 'strength' was measured against the 'best' policies and language available/possible to protect farmland.  Read more for details

  CAPI Processed Food Research Program Conclusion - Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute (CAPI)

Persistent trade deficit requires immediate action and a new strategy for Canada's number 1 manufacturing sector
OTTAWA, June 16, 2014 - Research published by the Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute (CAPI) reveals that Canada's food manufacturing industry - the leading manufacturing sector in the country - depends on increasing investment to turn the tide on rising trade deficits.  A new strategy is proposed to position the sector for future success.  Read more for details...

Dr. Kevin Folta's presentation, "Marketing a Mistrust of the Safest Food Supply in History”, at the 2015 Trottier Science Symposium at McGill University

Partnership for Water Sustainability: “Feast and Famine Workshop: Flood and Drought – What happened to the balance?”  Click here

NRCan Webinar “Are we on the right track? Applying indicators to measure progress on adaptation”  Click here

NEW!  A documentary exploring the role of science, sustainability and food safety in modern agriculture, encouraging farmers to stand up for their right to farm  Click here