Articles of Interest

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  1. Environmental Flow Needs Policy - Updated Version
  2. 2021 Environmental Manager's Award: Effluent Mitchell Island Initiatives for the City of Richmond
  3. Agri-News (Alberta) Weekly Update 
  4. AgriService BC Newsletters 
  5. ALC Policy - Criteria for Agricultural Capability AssessmentsThis policy is intended to provide information for agrologists submitting agricultural capability assessment reports as part of an exclusion, subdivision, non-farm use application, or as required through a compliance and enforcement action to ensure that they: 1) are providing sufficient information and evidence to support their assessment; 2) are qualified to complete this work, and 3) perform their work on the Reports as per the Code of Ethics of the British Columbia Institute of Agrologists. The submission of a report as part of an application is optional; however, one is recommended if the agricultural capability is the primary reason for the application. PDF 
  6. BC Conservation Data Centre - 2021 Data Update: Taxonomy, Classification, Rank UpdatesPDF  
  7. Digging into Canadian Soils - an Introduction to Soil Science (textbook) 
  8. Journal of Ecosystems and Management
  9. License to Farm - a YouTube documentary 
  10. Marketing a Mistrust of the Safest Food Supply in History - a YouTube documentary
  11. Ministry of FLNRO&RD Research Talks - YouTube 2019, 18 videos
  12. UNBCI - NRESi Free Video Library - NRESi facilitates collaborative projects that address complex issues involving ecological processes, social values, and earth science systems. 
  13. NSERC, SSHRC, and/or CIHR - applications for funding - the required research ethics tutorial (TCPS 2:  CORE-Tutorial)
  14. Recarbonization of Global Soils:  A Tool to Support the Implementation of the Koronivia Joint Work on Agriculture 
  15. Research Gate - scientific publications and articles
  16. Selenium and Soil Preparation - article by Marjorie Harris
  17. UBC Science Connect - newsletter archives
  18. Voluntary Guidelines for Sustainable Soil Management