Articles of Interest

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  1. BC Conservation Data Centre - 2022 Data Update: Taxonomy, Classification, Rank Updates. PDF
  2. Invasive Species Council  - That Stinks! Help Us Collect Stink Bug Eggs - The BC Ministry of Agriculture and Food and scientists at Agri-Food Canada are looking for volunteers to collect the eggs of Brown marmorated stink bugs and other native stink bug species from June to the end of August, 2022
  3. Environmental Flow Needs Policy - Updated Version
  4. 2021 Environmental Manager's Award: Effluent Mitchell Island Initiatives for the City of Richmond
  5. Agri-News (Alberta) Weekly Update 
  6. AgriService BC Newsletters 
  7. ALC Policy - Criteria for Agricultural Capability AssessmentsThis policy is intended to provide information for agrologists submitting agricultural capability assessment reports as part of an exclusion, subdivision, non-farm use application, or as required through a compliance and enforcement action to ensure that they: 1) are providing sufficient information and evidence to support their assessment; 2) are qualified to complete this work, and 3) perform their work on the Reports as per the Code of Ethics of the British Columbia Institute of Agrologists. The submission of a report as part of an application is optional; however, one is recommended if the agricultural capability is the primary reason for the application. PDF 
  8. Digging into Canadian Soils - an Introduction to Soil Science (textbook) 
  9. Journal of Ecosystems and Management
  10. License to Farm - a YouTube documentary 
  11. Marketing a Mistrust of the Safest Food Supply in History - a YouTube documentary
  12. Ministry of FLNRO&RD Research Talks - YouTube 2019, 18 videos
  13. UNBCI - NRESi Free Video Library - NRESi facilitates collaborative projects that address complex issues involving ecological processes, social values, and earth science systems. 
  14. NSERC, SSHRC, and/or CIHR - applications for funding - the required research ethics tutorial (TCPS 2:  CORE-Tutorial)
  15. Recarbonization of Global Soils:  A Tool to Support the Implementation of the Koronivia Joint Work on Agriculture 
  16. Research Gate - scientific publications and articles
  17. Selenium and Soil Preparation - article by Marjorie Harris
  18. UBC Science Connect - newsletter archives
  19. Voluntary Guidelines for Sustainable Soil Management