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At the time of publication of this content, BCIA remains in discussions with the other professions regulated under the Professional Governance Act, respecting the breadth of reserved practice for the professions of agrology and applied biology. As such, this content may be partly amended, with notice of such amendments to be published on the BCIA website.

For further information (including but not limited to assistance in determining which professional regulator has jurisdiction over a certain activity), Registrants, Applicants, and members of the public are encouraged to contact BCIA or one of the other respective Regulators under the jurisdiction of the Professional Governance Act.

Download the BCIA Practice Areas - A Summary for BCIA Registrants and Applicants PDF (below) or view the web version of the document under Practice Areas.

Also available to view in tandem with the document is The Profession of Agrology - A Summary. This package outlines the history, governance, registration pathways, interactions and alignments with other professions, and examples of the reserved practice of agrology within the province written in a manner that is easily understood by non-registrants.

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