2023 Annual Registration Fee Renewal Process - the late payment fee ($150.00; $50.00 for on leave) and late PD filing fee ($75.00) have both been applied now. March 31st is the absolute final date to renew your registration. If past March 31st, removal from the Register will occur and you will be unable to practice agrology.

Registrants must finalize their 2022 PD Report including 2022 Practice Area(s) by January 15, 2023, 11:59 PM; otherwise, a late PD report filing fee of $75.00 will be applied --> UPDATE: The deadline to enter the 2022 PD report is extended to February 15, 2023, for this year only.  

BCIA Registrants must renew their registration by the deadline of February 15, 2023. Effective for 2024 annual registration fee invoicing, the due date will be changed from February 15th to January 15th, to be aligned with the late PD filing fee deadline.  

To do so, sign into the BCIA website to pay via your BCIA profile under Invoices & Receipts.

  • Registrants who have not paid their annual fees by February 15, 2023, are now subject to late fees.
  • Registrants who have not renewed by March 31, 2023, 11:59 PM will be removed from the BCIA Register and will need to apply for reinstatement and pay a reinstatement fee per BCIA Bylaws Sections 72-78.
  • Registrants who submit their 2023 invoices to their employers for payment are also subject to the February 15, 2023 renewal deadline: please allow sufficient time for employers to process renewals.
  • A new payment option is available: Visa Debit or Debit Mastercard

Best practices for BCIA registration renewal are:

  • Submit notification of any status change ASAP, i.e., change to or from "On Leave" status.
  • Verify your current employer and work contact information; at least one contact detail must be entered and will be viewable to the public, per OSPG directives relating to the Professional Governance Act.
  • Ensure all other contact information is accurate, including the primary account email address under Account Settings.
  • Reference the PD Guidelines and the Enforcement of Compliance documents.
  • Enter all 2022 professional development (PD) activities in the BCIA profile by January 15, 2023, or a $75.00 late filing fee will apply (Council Approved). UPDATE: The deadline to enter the 2022 PD report is extended to February 15, 2023, for this year only.  
  • Check that required annual and three-year reporting period PD hour minimums are met (if not, be prepared to submit a PD learning plan)
  • Declare your 2022 Practice Area(s). Note:  AAgs/PAgs and ATAgs/TAgs may claim unlimited PAs now.
  • Complete the renewal declaration before payment of annual fees.
  • Office staff cannot process a payment by phone, email, or mail until all pre-payment requirements are completed online, including the 2022 PD Report.
  • Registration cards that are requested will be mailed out after February 15, 2023.

Do you have questions about the renewal process? See the Annual Fees FAQs.

Foundational Indigenous Training Requirement, by December 31, 2022; Declared by January 15, 2023. Update: For those that have not completed training will have up to April 30, 2023 to satisfy this mandatory requirement by attending the in-person course in Kamloops, in conjunction with the 2023 BCIA Conference, or by way of an approved alternative - read details below.  

*Read important information about this requirement*

Tips for Navigating the New BCIA Website

As a BCIA Registrant, once you sign in to your account, you will have access to the following:

  • Registrant Resources Library: The Registrant Library includes information specific to BCIA Registrants, including links to the Orientation to BCIA and Professional Negligence webinars, how-to training videos about the Registrant profile, Professional Seal Orders, Branch Resources, and much more. This resource library is searchable by topic or keyword.
  • "How to" Registrant Training Videos: These videos will take Registrants through the various sections of the Registrant profile. Located under Registrant Resources Library. A Step by step PDF for each section is also available.
  • Registrant Profiles – New Employment Section: The Employment section under the Registrant Profile is a separate link and is fully editable. Under the regulations of the PGA, all Registrants must declare their employer or employment and at least ONE employment contact. These must be viewable to the public. With the transfer of information from the previous website to the new website, all Registrants are encouraged to review their employment information and make any corrections as required.
  • New Practice Areas Reporting Section: As of September 1, 2022, BCIA implemented new practice areas. Practice Areas now appear under the My Links of the Registrant profile. All Registrants must declare one or more Practice Areas for 2022.
  • Event Registrations and PD Reports: Event registrations on the new website that are attended, the details, and PDH can be ported over to the PD Report by using a green button, 'BCIA Event Confirmation Entry.' Note that any registrations listed on the old website did not transfer over; staff has access to this information, so if these details are needed, contact the BCIA office.
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