Online Forms Available to Registrants

For details relating to the above forms see below:

Practicing Registrant Requesting a Change of Status 

On Leave: Available to Registrants who are no longer practicing agrology in either a paid or volunteer capacity. On leave is granted for a maximum of three (3) years, after which the Registrant must either return to practicing status or resign their registration. Leave, including but not limited to parental leave, education leave, or medical leave, is granted, and the Registrant will not practice agrology nor use their respective designation while on leave.

Retired: Available to a Registrant who is no longer practicing agrology in either a paid or volunteer capacity and does not expect to do so in the future.

Resign in Good Standing

One may reinstate within three (3) years of the resignation date upon payment of the (pro-rated) annual registration fee plus a reinstatement fee for the year returning. No refunds or credits are given on fees already paid.  

Return as a Practicing Registrant Status

Registrants have a maximum of three (3) years to remain on leave. There are two circumstances in which a Registrant may want to return to practicing status:

From on-leave to practicing status

From retired status to practicing status

Reinstatement of Registration

Reinstatement can only be requested within three (3) years after the date of leaving BCIA, with a reinstatement fee applied. If reinstatement is not requested within three years of the date of leaving BCIA, you must re-apply for BCIA and meet all of the application requirements.

Read Status and Obligations relating to all categories.

Transfer Out and Dual Registration Authorization

Agrologists who are transferring out or requesting dual registration with another provincial agrology regulator in Canada must complete an online request form. The form authorizes BCIA to access records and forward relevant information to the new province's agrology regulator. There is no fee for the request; however, the other provincial agrology regulator may apply a processing fee and registration fee, if applicable.

Complete the Request to Forward Registrant Records. The new provincial regulator may place restrictions on the practice of a new Registrant if required based on its own governing legislation and bylaws. 

Short-Term Work in Alberta

If the transfer is out is related to a dual registration request regarding a short-term opportunity in Alberta, please read the information regarding the Alberta Institute of Agrologists' (AIA)  'Visiting Register' category.

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