The transfer process and dual registration comply with the spirit and requirements of labour mobility provisions of Chapter 7 of the Canada Free Trade Agreement (CFTA).

Labour Mobility provisions of the CFTA state that certified workers have to be recognized as qualified to work by a regulatory body in another province or territory which regulates that occupation without having to go through significant additional training, work experience, examination, or assessment unless an exception has been made by the Registrar. Regulatory bodies are allowed to impose non-material additional requirements on a worker certified in another province or territory once the individual becomes registered.

The Institute has committed to other agreements, including:


1. Applicant to request originating provincial institute to send documents by email to BCIA.

Documents include:

  • confirmation of registration with home institute
  • copy of transcript(s)
  • professional development report
  • confirmation of ethics training
  • confirmation of good standing

2. Create an online application account 

3. Upon acceptance into BCIA, with approval by the Registrar, an acceptance email will be sent. If applicable, a registration fee will be required.

Processing Fee: $125.00 Fee

Registration Fee for Dual Acceptance (may be pro-rated): $600.00 for PAg/TAg; $540.00 for AAg/ATAg

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