Preliminary Strategic Climate Risk Assessment for British Columbia

August 31, 2019
The B.C. government has released the “Preliminary Strategic Climate Risk Assessment for British Columbia” – the first provincial-scale climate risk... Read More

Second round of FLNRORD "Research Talks" videos now released

July 31, 2019
Video 1 This FLNRORD Research Talks video provides a brief overview on the tools available for soil modelling. “The New World of Soil Mapping” is... Read More

Updates to Conservation Status Ranks of selected species and ecological communities

July 20, 2019
The BC Conservation Data Centre annually releases updates to conservation status ranks of selected species and ecological communities, additions of... Read More

Organic Matter Recycling Regulation (OMRR) Report 

July 16, 2019
Organic Matter Recycling Regulation (OMRR):  Summary of Public Input in Response to 2018 Intentions Paper Posted The ministry has released the report... Read More

FLNRORD Research Talks video series

May 22, 2019
The FLNRORD Research Program recently started a series of informative Research Talks videos.  Video 1 The first Research Talks video discusses... Read More