Contract Hire – Paid per Presentation/Training Session

BCIA is looking for Registrants who are subject matter experts in one or more of the following areas:

• Cover Cropping
• Rotational Grazing
• Nitrogen management

BCIA is looking to hire trainers / presenters to organize and present virtual and / or in-person training sessions on the above subjects over the next 6 months.

Details:  This role is a term / contract position (paid per presentation / training session).

IAF - New Funding Opportunity - Perennial Crop Renewal Program

IAF is happy to share a new funding opportunity! The Perennial Crop Renewal Program (PCRP) supports producers to remove unproductive, diseased, or unmarketable cultivars and to adopt growing systems that are better suited to environmental conditions and market demands. The goal of the program is to increase the competitiveness and resiliency of the BC agri-food economy in domestic and global markets.

More details HERE

Indigenous Peoples Cultural Awareness Training Requirement - Registrants are in Compliance

UPDATE: We are pleased to announce that all Registrants with the April 30, 2023 deadline to complete Indigenous awareness training have now satisfied this requirement by the deadline. Registrants have had nearly 2 1/2 years to complete this requirement with BCIA offering monthly online courses with an in-person workshop offering in Kamloops, April 20th. This was a progressive step in requiring training by all Registrants so hats off to everyone.

IAF - New Funding Opportunity: Food Processing Growth Fund

Investment Agriculture Foundation (IAF) is excited to share that the Food Processing Growth Fund (FPG) is open for applications! FPG supports projects in BC’s diverse value-added food processing sector to scale up operations to increase productivity, business opportunities and competitiveness.

IAF - New Funding Opportunity - Farm Animal Disease Program

IAF is excited to share that the Farm Animal Disease Program (FAD) is open for applications! FAD provides funding to the BC livestock and poultry industry to invest in planning, preparedness, prevention, and mitigation for federal or provincial regulated diseases or significant emerging farmed animal diseases.

The program provides up to $250,000 for planning projects,and up to $500,000 for preparedness and prevention and mitigation projects.

Victoria & Islands Branch: Don Rugg, PAg, Branch Recognition Award Recipient

The Victoria & Islands Branch would like to recognize a member of their Branch, Don Rugg, PAg. Don was the recipient of the Branch Recognition Award at the Victoria & Islands Branch AGM in October 2022. The branch President Jenn Wilson, PAg presented Don with his recognition award in January 2023 at a separate event.

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