BC Farm, Fish & Food Job Connector

May 28, 2020
The new BC Farm, Fish and Food Job Connector will showcase current job vacancies throughout the province, including those for crop and seafood... Read More

Regional Electoral District 3 - Official Election Results

May 27, 2020
Regional Electoral District 3 (Victoria and Islands and Vancouver Branches) Official Election Results BCIA is pleased to announce the results of its... Read More

2020 Taxonomy, Classification and Rank Updates

April 29, 2020
The BC CDC annually releases updates to Conservation Status Ranks of selected species and ecological communities, additions of new species and... Read More

Notice of 73rd BCIA Annual General Meeting

April 23, 2020
The 2020 Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) of the British Columbia Institute of Agrologists (“BCIA”) shall take place, for 2020 only, by way of an... Read More

BCIA President's Special Report

April 9, 2020
BCIA Operations, Events, Councillor Election, Committees and Professional Development Requirements April 9th, 2020: In compliance with Federal and... Read More