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Agrology CE – Informal

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food has an excellent opportunity for you to take Nutrient Management Plan (NMP) training and become a certified NMP planner. Additionally, you will get 20 PD hrs for completing the training.

The NMP course is composed of 4 steps: 1) a self-paced online course (approx. 15-20 hrs to complete), 2) 1-day virtual training, 3) an online exam (2 hrs), 4) Preparing an example NMP. The 4 steps are usually completed online. Visit the NMP training link to learn more. Course registration: $100

As you may be aware, many areas in BC will be phased in under the Code of Practice for Agricultural Environmental Management (AEM code) starting July 2024 in an ongoing effort to reduce the agricultural pollution of water bodies. Agricultural operations in these affected regions may be required under the AEM code to have an NMP. Only certified NMP planners are allowed to prepare an NMP for farms in affected regions when required by the AEM Code.

Learn with others and accelerate course completion by attending a 2-day in-person training session covering steps 2-4 of the course.

Day 1: Participants will be engaged in a full day of class sessions on preparing an NMP.

Day 2: Participants will take the exam components of the course. Participants will prepare their case study NMP (working as a team).

Prior to the in-person sessions, participants must complete the online component of the training (only those who have completed step 1 will be allowed to take part in the in-person session). Participants will learn the foundation of nutrient management in step 1 to prepare them for the in-person training. Also, anyone who has previously registered for the course and is yet to complete any of the 2-4 steps can join this facilitated. Kindly send an email to Ahmed Lasisi at to indicate your interest in the in-person session at no additional cost.

Lunch, coffee, and snacks will be provided at the training.

Note: We will continue to offer our regular online version of this program. Visit our NMP training page to know the dates our upcoming virtual training sessions.

For further inquiries, please reach out to Ahmed Lasisi at



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