Bylaws Section 93 to 98 specifies the standards of conduct and competence all Registrants of BCIA are expected to comply by.

These include:

93.  All Board members, staff, officers, Registrar, and Registrants of the BCIA must respectively comply at all times with the relevant sections of these Bylaws, including but not limited to the Code of Ethics (Schedule A), conflict of interest guidelines and BCIA approved policies as amended from time to time.

94.  All Registrants in the provision of their professional services must comply with current industry standards, policies, practices, and legislative requirements relevant to their respective practice areas, including, but not limited to and all practice directives, interpretation bulletins, guidelines, and instructions issued by the BCIA or any of its committees respecting professional practice or ethical issues.

95.  All Registrants must:

(a) Stay informed of, remain knowledgeable about, and meet the intent of all guidance information outlined in Section 94 above for their respective areas of practice.

(b) Document in writing their reasons for any departure from any professional practice guideline or standard.

96.  BCIA must maintain and operate an advisory program that may be accessed by any person, which will provide general information and advice to assist in the understanding of professional and ethical matters relevant to the profession of agrology.

Annual Continuing Professional Development


(a) Retroactively effective to January 1st, 2021, every BCIA Registrant, must satisfy the annual continuing professional development requirements established under this section in respect of each CPD period;

(b) Each practicing Registrant must complete a minimum of 30 qualifying hours each PD year and 125 qualifying hours per each 3 year PD year period. Each Registrant on leave must complete 50% of the respective practicing Registrant requirements;

(c) Every Registrant must, by a date and in a form stipulated by the BCIA, submit an annual report confirming the number of qualifying hours completed in the respective PD period. Every Registrant who fails to file this report by the set date must pay a late filing fee in an amount set by the BCIA. Failure to file the report and pay the late filing fee will make the respective Registrant subject to the disciplinary action (outlined in subsection(6));

(d) If the Registrar is satisfied that there are special circumstances the Registrar may extend the time for a Registrant to file the required PD annual report;

(e) The BCIA Board must require that certain qualifying hours completed in accordance with this section relate to Indigenous Reconciliation. The Board may also require that certain qualifying hours relate to each of the following topics:

  i. professional competencies, including the required standards of ethical and professional conduct;

  ii. declared areas of professional practice;

  iii. interpersonal competencies;

(f) Failure to meet any of the minimum standards, including professional development requirements may be viewed by the BCIA as a breach of the Code of Ethics, resulting in specific disciplinary action, including but not limited to, cancellation of a Registrants’ professional designation granted under these Bylaws.

Duties to Report

98. In addition to any duties placed upon a Registrant by the Code of Conduct (Section A) of the Bylaws or by Section 58 of the PGA, every Registrant must self-report all relevant information to the BCIA respecting any of the following circumstances:

(a) Upon becoming aware of an apparent violation of these Bylaws by any Registrant including themselves;

(b) Upon filing or being petitioned into bankruptcy or receivership;

(c) In the event of a finding or admission of professional misconduct, unprofessional conduct; incompetency, conduct unbecoming or other disciplinary breach in another jurisdiction in which the Registrant is or was registered;

(d) Upon being charged with an indicatable offence under the Criminal Code which may influence the Registrants ability to practice competently or in accordance with these Bylaws;

(e) Upon receipt or service of a notice of civil claim or other legal proceeding in which allegations are made of professional negligence, fraud, or other cause of action, claim, or offence respecting the Registrants practice of the profession of agrology.

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