Registrants who have achieved 25 or 50 years of registration are listed below by year.  The time is recognized only while a Registrant of the BC Institute of Agrologists.

2022 Recipients

  • 25 Years: Fredrick Butt, Harry Gill, Brian Roberts, Neil Turner, Cornelius van den Berg
  • 50 Years: David Huxley, Victor Martens

2021 Recipients

  • 25 Years: Stuart Aird, Sharlene Becker, Coleen Colwell, Jennifer Davis, Barbara Edwards, Perry Grilz, Kim Grout, Harry Jennings, Walt Klenner, Brian Kobelsky, Daniel McAllister, Blake Medlar, Terry Peters, Michael Peterson, Todd Redding    
  • 50 Years: John Berry, John Hall, Noel Roddick

2020 Recipients

  • 25 Years: Sandra Sulyma, Wendy Siemens, Philip Bergen, Jennifer McGuire, Ernie Maynard, Donald Meeks, Akbar Khan, Loretta Ford, Robert Davis, Katherine O'Leary, Terry Chow 
  • 50 Years: James Campbell, Mary McGregor

2019 Recipients

  • 25 Years: Andrea Belsheim, David Sahlstrom, Herbert Strobl, Tim Ballard, Arthur Guite, Susan Smith, David Konesky, Wayne Blashill, Sonya Campbell, Ken Clancy, Keith Duhaime, Kathleen MacDonald-Date, Susan Turner, Wendy Gardner, Brenda Walkem, Jerry Johnson, David Maloney, Fred Marshall, Patrick Hudson, Harry Kope, Sibylle Walkemeyer 
  • 50 Years: Sid Pickerell, Lyle Resh, Bob Holtby
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