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President's Report on Practice Areas and Reserved Practice Council, President Reports

This report references "The Profession of Agrology: A Summary"  and "BCIA Practice Areas: A Summary for Registrants and App

2022-09-11 Presidents special report_Practice Areas and Reserved Practice_Aug_24_2022.pdf view
Audited Financial Reports - 2019 - 2021 Governance, Council, Audited Financial Reports 2022-07-20 2021 Audited Financial Statements.pdf , 2020 Audited Financial Statement.pdf , 2019 Audited Financial Statement.pdf view
AGM Meeting Minutes - 2019 - 2021 (approved) Governance, Council, Newsletters and Reports, AGM Reports 2022-07-20 2021 BCIA AGM Minutes with Q&A.pdf , 2019 AGM Minutes - Approved.pdf view
Committee Terms of Reference Council, Comittees, Policies and Guidelines

BCIA currently has 7 standing committees.  View the Terms of Reference for each committee.

2022-07-18 Audit and Practice Review TOR_0.pdf , Communications Working Group TOR.pdf , Credentials Committee TOR.pdf , Discipline Committee TOR.pdf , Governance Committee TOR.pdf , Investigation Committee TOR.pdf , Nomination Committee TOR.pdf view
Schedule B - Oath of Office (for Council & Committees) Governance, Bylaws, Council, Forms

A person elected or appointed as a Councillor or to a committee must take and sign, or by solemn affirmation confirm an oath of office.

2022-07-18 Schedule B - Oath of Office.pdf view
2022 Council Meetings Council, Council Meeting Minutes

Approved Council Meeting Minutes for 2022

2022-07-18 CouncilApproved_Feb 25-27 2022_meeting minutes.pdf view
Role of Council Council

Council is responsible for BCIA's strategic direction. Council positions are volunteer and members do not receive remuneration. 

2022-07-18 Role of Council_Visual.pdf view
2021 Council Meeting Minutes Council, Council Meeting Minutes

Approved Council Meeting Minutes - 2021

2021-12-31 Council Approved_Dec 3-5, 2021_Minutes.pdf , Council email motion Nov 3rd2021 approving budget (2).pdf , Council_October1-3, 2021_APPROVED Minutes.pdf , Council_August 11_2021_APPROVED Minutes.pdf , Council_June 24_2021_APPROVED Minutes.pdf , Council_June 8_2021 APPROVED Minutes.pdf , Council_April_29_2021_Approved Minutes.pdf , Council_March_20_2021 Approved Minutes0.pdf , Council Feb 25_2021 Final Motion.pdf , Council Feb 5_2021 Approved Minutes.pdf view
Goverance Manual - Sections 1 - 5 Governance, Council, Policies and Guidelines 2021-07-18 SECTION 1_History of BCIA.pdf , SECTION 2_Authority, Vision, Mission, Mandate and Strategic Plan.pdf , SECTION 3_GovernanceManagement Philosophy and Conflict of Interest Policy.pdf , SECTION 4_Councillor & CEO-Registrar Code of Conduct.pdf , SECTION 5_Committee Policies and Code of Conduct.pdf view
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